After a difficult birth, Camilla had to spend a long time in hospital and started to experience severe loneliness.

"I knew my feelings weren't "right", but I didn't tell anyone because I felt I wasn't supposed to feel this way. I didn't want anyone around. This just made the loneliness worse – I felt so ashamed."

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Before Sonny was born I felt so positive – full of hope about the future, looking forward to our new life as a family. I had a really bad delivery though, and ended up staying in hospital for ages. When I finally got home I felt really detached from my baby – I just didn't know what to do with him. I felt so anxious and panicky, and the fact that my husband was working all day meant I just didn't speak to anyone.

I knew my feelings weren't "right", but I didn't tell anyone because I felt I wasn't supposed to feel this way. I didn't want anyone around. This just made the loneliness worse – I felt so ashamed.

Eventually, my health visitor put me in touch with a Children’s Centre, run by Action for Children. People there were so patient, and, slowly over the following months, helped me build up a bond with Sonny and managed to convince me to take him to baby massage and socialise with other mums. Bit by bit I started to feel better and it was just amazing to have someone to call every time I started feeling lonely or low again.

I ended up volunteering at the centre, which helped me get back into work. The comfort Action for Children gave me really helped me overcome what was a very difficult time.

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