When 5-year-old Denny and his parents were referred to us, he was showing difficult behaviour at school. He also had very poor school attendance, as his parents were really struggling to cope.  It was an especially difficult time for the family, as Denny’s dad was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder too.

Although Denny’s mum agreed to attend one of our parenting courses, she was sceptical. Services had let her down before. She had also become quite isolated after giving birth to a new baby having staying at home. It took a lot of courage, but Denny’s mum went to her local centre to attend the Stepping Stones course. It runs for 10 weeks and covers topics such as play, praise, and boundaries.

We offer parenting programmes to help parents understand their children's needs. Our teams help parents cope with present and future difficulties, always keeping the wellbeing of their child at the centre.

Our course managed to build Denny’s mum’s confidence - she made friends with another mum and took part in team activities, such as cooking. One of her highlights was taking Denny on a day out with staff and other parents. The course helped her enjoy quality fun time with her son.

Using her new-found skills and using positive communication, Denny now has a bedtime routine he adheres to. Mum’s experience was so positive that she even decided to sign up for another course. Read how we measure the positive impact that we achieve with the children and young people we work with.

Watch our tips from Mandy who works at one of our children’s centres give her top 5 tips for new parents.