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I’m a single parent; my daughter is two years old. At the beginning of the year I went on holiday with my daughter and when I came back, the landlord had thrown all my stuff out and moved someone else in. I called the local police, council and the social services who took my little girl into care because I didn't have anywhere to live. 

After that I was sofa surfing with no job and on benefits. But there was a delay with my payments and I started to really struggle. That's when I started to use the food bank.

The tins from the food bank were great. I was never a lover of fruit, but I am now! They also gave me things like cereal and jam which was great. We had enough food for lunch time and evening tea for about a week. The food bank has really helped me tremendously.

Thankfully, social services gave me emergency money to get me by – about £60 a week which helped so much. Once my benefits were being paid again, I carried on using the food from the banks sometimes which helped me budget my money elsewhere and I saved everything I could for a deposit for a new flat.

"It took about 6 months but I managed to save enough and now my little girl is back home with me."


For the last few months, I've been taking her to the stay and play sessions at my local children's centre which help so much as a single parent to bond with my daughter and make sure we have time just me and her.

My daughter will start nursery early next year which is funded by social services for the next two years. I'm so thankful for all the support I've received, it's kept me and my daughter together which is brilliant.

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