Getting involved with the charity has helped grow her confidence, and has taught her how to be a better mum.

Jess came to us from a turbulent background. "I wasn't in a very good place," she says, "and I didn't get along with my family". At 17, Jess fell pregnant with her son Austin - and when he was only two years old, his father took him away without warning. "I didn't see him for quite a few months, but I started using my local Action for Children service, a contact centre." 

Since then Jess has become really involved with the centre, where she takes several classes a week.

I'm really proud of myself actually. I've had really difficult times, but I got through them thanks to the centre and my family.

Jess is now parenting her second child - her daughter, Aaliyah. Having constant support has helped build Jess' self-confidence and has taught her how to be a better mum. 

Jess is going back to college this autumn, to take a photography course and establish a career. In the meantime, she'll continue to use the service and is looking forward to watching Aaliyah grow older and having a strong mother-daughter relationship with her. 


Listen to Jess' story in her own words below.

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