Jothyi’s speech and language was delayed so she found it very hard to express herself. To show her frustration, she would throw herself on the floor. She was also prone to hyperactivity and suffered from panic attacks. Because Jothyi couldn’t communicate well she was bullied at school, which led to low self-esteem.

It took several years for her to be diagnosed so until she was, she and her family didn’t have any specialist support. Her mum, Simran, took her to a Stay and Play group and a play scheme for children with disabilities, both held at a children’s centre run by Action for Children. There she socialises with other children and can use the sensory room and have fun in the ball pool room.

When I came here it was such an eye-opener. The centre puts children first and that’s what parents want. They have really boosted her confidence. It’s a safe haven for her.
Jothyi’s mum Simran

Jothyi, who is now in sixth form at a special school, enjoys doodling and colouring-in, as well as reading. 

Simran added: “Jothyi is a lovely child with such a big heart. I think if I hadn’t come into contact with Action for Children we would be struggling now. She still has complex problems and takes out her frustrations, but without the children’s centre it would have been worse.”

Because of the support we gave Simran, she now volunteers for us! Read her story here.

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