Patrik and his two siblings, Rashi, three, and Renia, eighteen months, lived in an over-crowded home infested with cockroaches and were being neglected by their parents. Health appointments for all of the children were being missed and the two younger ones had rickets as well as Patrik’s speech being delayed.

The family was referred to Action for Children by a social worker and health visitor over concerns their parents weren’t prioritising their children’s health needs. Initially the parents were reluctant to accept support, as they were afraid their children would be taken away from them. However, after being reassured, they accepted help.


Their local project in Glasgow worked with them and helped them to understand the importance of prioritising doctors and dentist appointments for their children and their support worker accompanied them to appointments and liaised with the dentist.

They learned how to cook nutritious meals and about the importance that food and exercise would have in addressing their two youngest children’s rickets.

We also spoke to their landlord about the cockroaches and overcrowding at their home to get these issues resolved.

The parents were given support in managing their finances – they were accompanied to Citizen’s Advice Bureau, given help with filling in benefits and housing association application forms and were given vouchers for a local Foodbank.

"Now Patrik is getting ready for starting school after we helped get him registered at the local school and bought him school uniform and stationery, and Rashi is at nursery."


Due to the language barriers, the family struggled to cope, but our weekly involvement meant that Child Protection concerns were brought to light early.

We were able to ensure the correct supports were in place for the family, to not only help the parents to try to understand their parental responsibilities, but also to ensure the children were safeguarded from the chronic neglect which they had been experiencing.

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