Riley & Bella

Riley started coming to one of our children’s centres when her daughter, Bella, was 2 years old.


At first Bella would scream every time her mother left the room, but gradually she started to feel more confident and began to have fun.

"Originally I didn’t want Bella to go to nursery so I kept putting it off until the health visitor, the council, Claire - my support worker - and other mothers told me what nursery could achieve."

Riley’s mother, who was her main support, passed away from cancer when she was four months pregnant. "Coming here meant that we were socialising and we were not doing that in the beginning. I had a lot of problems concerning anxiety, as did my daughter. To get out of the house and have somewhere to go, and the staff were immensely friendly with her and me and really encouraged her. It was a slow process to get her out of her shell and to trust somebody else other than me."

With one-to-one support at the children’s centre, Riley has been helped in tackling a range of parenting issues, including creating a good sleep routine for Bella after several failed attempts.

"There's a little team of people who are involved in my life and we address, or try to address, any issues I’m facing, or things that we can see that may come up as a problem, to prevent it from happening and escalating. Then I can be pointed towards the help and support to get to that service."


"I’ve done several courses, including sewing, but the best course was about how to understand your child’s behaviour and how you parent. That was spot-on fabulous, I loved that."

"I really hope to be able to build on my confidence enough so I’d feel ready to return to work. To feel more settled and to have less anxiety - very simple things that, everyone takes for granted."

"I don’t know where I would be without Action for Children. I think this journey could have taken a lot longer, and possibly gone down the wrong path. I just want to say thank you and ask you to continue because so many people really need that support – they really need it."