Samantha is a single mum of 2 children aged 2 and 4. She moved to the country to escape domestic abuse from her partner who was an alcoholic.

She was finding it hard to adjust to life in a rural and isolated area and her children were becoming increasingly anxious and shy. Samantha was also diagnosed with depression, which made it even harder to cope when they were made homeless.

That’s when Action for Children stepped in.


We assessed the family’s situation and provided childcare so the children could learn how to socialise and play again. We help Samantha find temporary accommodation and then helped to get their finances under control by teaching her how to budget properly, how to apply for the benefits she was entitled to and providing a food parcel from the local food bank. Samantha also completed our Positive Parenting Programme to help her to learn new parenting and behaviour management skills for her children, which has had a real positive impact.

Samantha then started training with My Swap’n’Shop to help improve her employability. When she first started she was nervous but she soon took to it, and her confidence levels soared. She is now working on a qualification in Business and has even started to support other trainees. Samantha is excited to be actively seeking employment so she can provide a stable and reliable income for her family.

Through our support, Samantha and her family have now reached a much better state of well-being, and Samantha has felt comfortable enough to come off her depression medication. Her journey has been so impressive and her contribution to other trainees so great, that our staff nominated her as an Action for Children Volunteering Hero which meant she attended our Thank You party at Buckingham Palace.

Samantha and her family’s transformation has been incredible, and it’s all thanks to people like you that we were able to step in and help. Without our amazing fundraisers like you, we simply wouldn't be here for the 370,000 children and families we support every year. Thank you for signing up to support our work.

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