Action for Children is the best thing to ever happen to my family.

I had recently separated with my children’s father due to his abusive behaviour and he had left us in tens of thousands of pounds of debt.

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Our home life was not a very pleasant one and I was finding the needs of my family completely overwhelming. I struggled to keep up with the maintenance of the house, most of our furniture was broken, the bathroom sink was smashed and the kitchen sink didn’t drain. The bath was leaking and we had no internal doors due to the children fighting and breaking them – behaviour they had learned from their dad.

My eldest son, aged 11 had been out of school for six months and his anger really concerned me as he would hit me and his younger sisters. I would worry if I was going to be seen as an unfit mother and he would be taken away from me.

Then my sister discovered our local Action for Children service, Bristol Supporting Families and put me in touch.

"Action for Children has been my lifeline over the last three months."


We were allocated a friendly support worker, who really helped us across all our issues. Firstly they helped create a safe home for my children, replacing the bathroom sink, fixing the leak in the bath, re-hanging doors and fitting smoke alarms. 

Our family support worker visits us weekly to specifically give support to my son and I. They have been able to get my son back into school and he is focused on catching up on his work. He is also getting much needed support with his behaviour, talks openly about the past to his family support worker, is more positive about school and he has stopped being aggressive to his sisters and I.

"Life has changed dramatically for us. We have developed routines and the house is a much nicer place to be."


The children feel safe and have a good relationship with our family support worker which is a comfort to me and we have more stability as I am receiving help to sort out all the debt I have inherited from my partner. There is still work to do but we are feeling confident and happier that we have all the support we need to build a positive future.

I have read about Action for Children’s focus on early intervention to ensure problems don’t escalate to the point of crisis and they work wherever possible to keep families together offering emotional as well as practical support. This is so relevant in our case that without their help just at the right time, I don’t know where we would all be now.

Thank you to Action for Children.

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