Five year old William has developmental, speech and language delay and is short for his age. His parents, Karen and Nigel told us they were worried he wouldn’t cope at school.

William feels unsettled by changes to his surroundings and routines and his parents were worried about him making the transition from nursery to school as he has developmental, speech and language delay and is short for his age. His parents noticed he wasn’t developing at the same stages as his twin brother, Matthew.


William and family

His mother, Karen, a nurse, told us, “He was slightly behind his brother, although we didn’t want to compare, and when he went to nursery we identified that his speech was delayed."

Around the time William was being assessed, Karen and her husband Nigel, had a baby daughter, Jessica (now three).

However, they found it very difficult to juggle all the specialist appointments for William while holding down jobs and raising their three children.

They got in touch with their local Action for Children centre, who gave the family 121 help.

Their support worker coordinated partnership working between all the professionals involved in William’s care. She also helped Karen and Nigel apply for a free nursery place for the twins, which had previously been refused. This meant they had more flexibility with attending appointments.

"It was hard for the family. Because he couldn't verbalise how he was feeling, he would take out his frustrations by biting and growling."

Karen, William's mum,
William ready for school

Karen says, “I think I would have drowned without the support. It meant I got time to bond with my baby daughter, knowing the twins were in a stable environment at nursery.

“The twins had fun at nursery and learnt to share, to sit down to eat their lunch and to manage their emotions. To get those sessions at the nursery was amazing to have.”

To help William prepare for school, his teachers arranged for him to attend the nursery attached to the school for a few hours each week so he could familiarise himself with the teachers and his new environment.

"William started school in September alongside his brother. He was really excited and there were no tears or tantrums. I don’t know whether school would have been such a smooth transition without that extra time. He’s quite a popular member of the class now."

Karen, William's mum,

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