Getting a fair deal?

Getting a Fair Deal? looks at what young people think would help them become more confident about managing money.

Our staff say that they also need tools to help young people make good financial decisions, particularly those already struggling to live on a tight income.

Building on our 2014 policy paper Paying the Price, we examine vulnerable young people’s experiences of accessing financial education, advice and support where and when they need it.


Take Action

These young people need a champion in government. Someone who will unify Ministers, Banks, Employment Advisers, Regulators, Social Workers and others to support and advise them on managing money.

Email your local MP, asking them to call for effective leadership and persuade Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Harriett Baldwin MP, to become their champion.

People in the bank use big words and I just agree with them. I agree with what they say but don’t understand it.
Young person

Bankers' Checklist Challenge:

We are calling on banks, building societies and other providers of financial of products to take our Young People’s Banking Checklist Challenge:

  • Design products young people can use and trust
  • Use every day language
  • Train staff to understand vulnerable young people
  • Tell young people where they can get extra help.


Government should:

  • Ensure that the work of the Money Advice Service and UK Financial Capability Strategy explicitly acknowledges the additional vulnerabilities of some young people
  • Consider making financial skills and advice integral to employment and training programmes and support, including as part of the proposed Youth Offer
  • Ensure that all government departments help to deliver the UK Financial Capability Strategy as part of responsibilities to support vulnerable young people

Money Advice Service should:

  • Address gaps in advice and information for professionals in a position to help vulnerable young people have access to information and resources. 

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