Mediation resolves family conflict
at critical times.

All families face difficult times, whether it's going through separation or divorce, suffering a bereavement, or problems with youth offending or risk-taking behaviour. We're here to help families through and give them the skills to come to an agreement over painful issues.

What is mediation?

Mediation is about finding peaceful solutions to conflict, promoting communication and compromise. Through a structured process, we teach families how to negotiate and resolve disputes. This strengthens family relationships and reduces the risk of alienation for young people.

What do we do?

In cases of separation or divorce, we provide:

  • alternatives to court processes, which tend to involve conflict;
  • help meeting children's needs during this difficult time;
  • encouragement to share future parental responsibility;
  • support to improve communication about parenting issues, which helps to manage conflict.

Where a family has been bereaved, we provide:

  • one-to-one sessions for children - using counselling, mediation, therapeutic and play craft techniques;
  • support for parents - to hear the worries and concerns of their children and help them find effective ways of managing difficult situations.

For young people with problem behaviour, we:

  • motivate them to use programmes or treatment to help with substance misuse, offending behaviour or risk taking;
  • assess how well they work with others on a programme, and if they’re willing and able to stick at it.

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