Helping parents understand
their children's needs.

Helping parents understand their children's needs - that's what our parenting programmes are all about. Working with both parents, we can help them cope with present and future difficulties, always keeping the wellbeing of their child at the centre.

Delivered by our family support workers, our parenting programmes include Webster Stratton, Triple P, Parenting Positively, Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities and Handling Children's Behaviour. They support all parents' needs and can specifically help:

  • Teenage parents, parents of children with disabilities and parents who have been placed on parenting orders
  • Families at risk of eviction or exclusion from mainstream services due to anti-social behaviour
  • Families referred to a family intervention programme who may need some individual work prior to moving into a group

Getting parents involved

By working with parents to observe their child's play, we can help them understand the personal, social and emotional growth this brings to children. This time is also used to understand physical and creative development. During group work, parents learn just how important this is to their child's future emotional wellbeing. As a result, they will have a better understanding of their children's development, and build a closer relationship with them.

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