5 self-care tips for parents

Posted by / Saturday 30 March 2019 / Parenting Tips Health

As a parent, you give your little ones endless time, energy and love all year round. But it’s also important that you look after your own wellbeing. 

Here are a few simple ideas on ways you can step back and have some well-deserved self-care:


Get active
A healthy body is closely linked to a healthy mind. Exercise has been shown to prompt chemical changes in the brain that cause positive changes in our mood. Whether you follow a YouTube yoga tutorial in the living room or take part in a spin class at the gym, getting your body moving can be great for your mental wellbeing.

Do something you love
Take some time out of your day to do something that relaxes you. Keep it simple - put your feet up and read your favourite book, watch a film, or take a long bubble bath. Making space for something you can enjoy on your own can help remind you that you’re still a whole person and not ‘just’ a parent (as your kids may lead you to believe).

Cook a proper meal
Dust off the cookbook and test that recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Making a tasty meal from scratch can give you a real sense of achievement, and you get to sample something new. Use it as time to help you unwind - listen to your favourite podcast or album as you go.

Spend quality time with loved ones
Catch up with a friend or family member. Relationships need nurturing, so take this moment to do just that while enjoying a shared interest. Get in touch and put in time for coffee, dinner or even a phone call.

Celebrate your achievements
Being a parent may be rewarding, but it also comes with plenty of challenges. Take a step back to reflect on how much you’ve accomplished. Write down a few of the hurdles you’ve managed to tackle since becoming a parent. Take pride in how far you’ve come.

It’s important to celebrate even the smallest of wins. Did you manage to get the kids to sleep on time? Fantastic. Give yourself credit for the goals you’ve achieved, and feel capable and rewarded.

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