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Child neglect in 2011: Wales

Child neglect in is a major issue in the UK, with studies suggesting 10% of children - over 62,000 in Wales alone - are at risk.

As part of our 'Take your action for children' neglect campaign we've published our first annual review of child neglect in partnership with the University of Stirling, and are now launching a summary of recommendations for the Welsh Assembly.

Our Young Campaigners on child neglect

We gave our review to a group of Young Campaigners and asked them to interpret it in their own words and images. This is their film.

What does the report reveal?

The report looks at what neglect is, how the public and professionals view neglect, how it's tackled currently and how this can be improved.

  • No one knows exactly how many children are neglected
  • People are worried about child neglect but don't always feel able to report it
  • There are not enough services to help neglected children
  • Over half of social workers and a third of police officers say they feel powerless to help

What do we want the Welsh Government to do?

Our campaigning activity has four main aims:

  • Make agencies work together to make sure children and families are helped as soon as possible
  • Help agencies make better use of information on child neglect in their area and show how they use this information to plan and provide services to tackle this issue early
  • Make neglect a separate category in the Children In Need Census (which the Welsh Government uses to collect information about individual children), so that the way support services are planned and commissioned can be improved.
  • Give better - and earlier - information to parents on family support services near to them

How can you make a difference?

Regardless of whether you voted for them or not, it's their job to represent and listen to you, and we need them to understand our campaign and to use their power to make a difference for neglected children.

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