How to transfer

Get in touch. We can arrange a time that’s best for you to talk in confidence about the process.

Transfer to us

We really appreciate our foster carers and welcome the chance to discuss your needs.

It's all about you. We'll discuss your experiences and why you want to transfer to us.

You’ll have a local, dedicated social worker who will fast track you through our assessment process - highlighting any training and support needs that you may have along the way.

We will guide and support you at every step.

Can I meet your foster carers?


We’ll arrange for you to meet some of our foster carers so that they can tell you what to expect from Action for Children Fostering.

What should I do when I've made my decision?

Once you’ve made the decision to transfer to us you will need to let your current agency or local authority know. We will then complete the next steps by getting in touch with your current agency.

As you get to panel stage you'll need to send your formal resignation to your existing fostering service. This is to ensure that you are correctly registered and prevents you potentially being registered with two services or none at all.

What is the process?

Once you have agreed that your information can be shared, we will contact your existing agency. We look at your Form F and recent foster carer review and seek a reference from your existing agency.

Your assessment

You’ll already be familiar with the final part of the assessment process - the panel review.

After this we’ll ask for approval from our agency decision-maker.

We’ll look into matching you and a child as soon as your application is approved (unless you already have a young person with you).

It’s as easy as that.

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Can I transfer with a child?

Yes - if you already have a foster child in your care you can still apply to transfer.

Action for Children Fostering will guide and support you through the process of transferring to us with your foster child to make the transition as easy as possible.

As members of the Fostering Network we have access to the most up to date protocols for transferring and rigorously follow these procedures.

The process for transferring with a child

We'll discuss your reasons for transferring and the circumstances of the child or young person you are caring for to ensure it's in the best interests of you and your current foster child. We’re sure you'll understand that the child’s needs are front and centre of every decision we make.

We will also speak to the local authority responsible for the child or young person.

You must provide written notice of your intention to move to your existing fostering agency or local authority.

Once they have received this notice, the authority will inform the child’s independent reviewing officer of your intention.

You will be invited to attend a meeting (to be held within 28 days) along with all other parties involved in the child’s welfare. A social worker from Action for Children Fostering will also attend as the intended new agency.

The meeting will review previous decisions and recommendations made during the child’s last case review. They will explore:

  1. How the child’s care plan will be continued and whether it is in the child’s best interests to remain with you.
  2. Any specific or additional support required for both you and the child and how these can be met by Action for Children Fostering.
  3. What impact the move may have on the child.
  4. The fostering process requirements and time scales for approval with Action for Children Fostering, including assessment and training.
  5. Your current fees, allowances, and benefits.
  6. The termination process with your existing agency or local authority to ensure continuity.
  7. Arrangements for the child if they are not to remain with you.

Action for Children Fostering may be able to fast track you through our fostering process but you may still need to:

  1. Provide references and have a medical, carried out by your own GP, paid for by Action for Children Fostering.
  2. Send your resignation to your current fostering service.
  3. Submit your application for panel review.
  4. Wait for approval from our agency decision-maker.

If you’re thinking about transferring to Action for Children Fostering, please do get in touch.

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Transfer enquiry

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