There's an urgent need for the recruitment of over 9,000 new foster families in the UK. Could you give a young person a safe and loving home?
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Who can foster?
Almost anyone is the simple answer. There are some requirements you will need to meet, including having a spare room and being a resident in the UK
Who can foster?
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Types of fostering
There are lots of different types of foster care that Action for Children Fostering can help with.
Types of fostering
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Fostering fees and allowances
Foster carers receive a fee, case specific allowances and tax benefits to support them while fostering.
Fees and allowances

What is fostering?

Fostering is caring for a child or young person in your home who, for whatever reason, can’t live with their birth family.

A child may need a home until they become adults, or only for a little while. We find foster homes for children of all ages.

Children and young people who enter the care system have often experienced trauma in their lives. A foster carer will need support and training to best meet the emotional needs of their young person.

A foster carer needs to be able to dedicate time to their foster child and be there for them when needed.

At Action for Children Fostering we recognise that being a foster carer is a huge commitment. It can be extremely rewarding but it can also have many challenges. We provide full training and offer 24/7 professional support. We look after our foster carers so that they can look after the children who need them.

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Can I foster?

Yes you probably can – is the simple answer.

Action For Children Fostering welcomes potential foster carers from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, with physical disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community. You can be married, single, a tenant or a homeowner. If you have space in your heart to change a child’s life for the better, you can be a good foster carer.

There are some requirements you will need to meet; including having a spare room and being resident in the UK, but it is also important for foster carers to have the desire to help and care for vulnerable young people.

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Who can foster

Why foster?

Children who need to be fostered are some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

To be instrumental in their protection and development is an opportunity and a privilege.

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Types of fostering

There are lots of different types of foster care that Action for Children Fostering can help with, including: long term, short term, emergency, short breaks, fostering siblings, parent and child, planned breaks, staying put and unaccompanied young people seeking asylum.

The fostering process

We know there's a lot to think about when deciding whether to become a foster carer so we've laid out exactly what you can expect to happen if you choose to begin your journey as a foster carer.

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Why choose Action for Children?

As a charity, our priority is children, not profit. Our goal is to find the best home for a young person and to support our foster carers to give everyone the security and support that they deserve.

We offer 24 hour support, regular support groups, extensive training and a whole lot more.

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Our children

More than 30,000 children enter the care system each year.

We never underestimate how vital the role of a foster carer is on a child or young persons' life.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions like 'will I get an allowance for fostering?' (yes), 'am I too old to be a foster carer?' (no), 'do I need to have a spare room?' (yes) 'do I need to own my own home?' (no), then visit our fostering FAQs.

Foster Families
Fostering FAQs
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