Why foster?

Change a child’s life for the better – become a foster carer.

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Fostering changes lives. For many foster carers, it's the most rewarding thing they’ve ever done.

Fostering is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our amazing foster carers have to say …

Seeing the difference in the young people who have lived with me is incredible. They discover a new sense of self and flourish into young adults.

Foster Carer

Why foster?

As a foster carer you will be able to see the impact that your care has on a child or young person. Knowing that you are instrumental in helping them to thrive is hugely rewarding.

More than 30,000 children enter the care system each year

  • Children who need to be fostered are some of the most vulnerable people in our society.
  • To be instrumental in their protection and development is an opportunity and a privilege.
  • Knowing that you were able to influence their future and help them to thrive is hugely rewarding.
  • As a foster carer you will be able to see the impact that your care and nurture is having on a child.
  • To watch them overcome anxieties and seeing their circumstances improve because of you will be something you can be extremely proud of.
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There is an urgent need for the recruitment of over 9,000 new foster families in the UK

Action for Children Fostering recognises that being a foster carer is a huge commitment. It’s a vocation and a role beyond the 9-5. It’s life changing and life enhancing. We value our foster carers and look after them so that they can look after the children who need them.

Foster carers work alongside many other professionals involved in supporting a child in need. Foster carers may need to help their foster child with their education, contact with their families and their emotional wellbeing. This nurturing environment, giving a child love, care, time and attention can help to improve that child or young person’s life chances.

Baby boy crawling across a classroom floor while his father watches

Only 6 % of young people who’ve been in care go on to further education

Action for Children foster carers can rely on the support of a professional team 24/7 year-round. We believe that the support, training and guidance we give to our foster families is second to none and is available to all family members. We’ll give one-to-one help and advice whenever needed, day or night.

Being a foster carer

Lynda thought long and hard before becoming a foster carer – she’s very happy that she did:

Darren is a single Dad and explains why he decided to foster after his daughters left home:

Seamus and Katie's story

Seamus and Katie

Katie and Seamus recently marked their first year as approved foster carers. The couple met with us to reflect on what they've learned during the assessment and after.