Equality and diversity

We’re committed to being fair and inclusive across our whole organisation

We believe in promoting equality, valuing diversity, and working inclusively. This is the world we want for our staff, volunteers and the people we help. It informs our campaigns. And it’s the heart of everything we do to protect and promote children’s rights.

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Our principles

We don’t tolerate bullying, harassment and victimisation. And we’re working to break down barriers in our job opportunities, workplaces and services. We do this through regular consultation, monitoring and review.

It’s important to us to protect the people we work with, and to give everyone a fair chance in life.

Action for Children welcomed us straight away. They were hugely supportive and we will always be grateful to them.

Anne and Karen, who adopted through Action for Children as a lesbian couple

Our approach builds on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s nine protected characteristics. These are:

  • Age.
  • Disability.
  • Sex.
  • Gender reassignment.
  • Marriage and civil partnership.
  • Race.
  • Religion or belief.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Pregnancy and maternity.

It’s illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of these characteristics. This is something we take seriously. We all deserve to feel safe and supported at work.

The gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is the difference in average earnings of the women and men who work for an organisation. At Action for Children, we want every member of staff to have equal opportunity regardless of gender.

Our staff are key to us achieving our ambitions for children. So we’re working on reducing the median pay gap at Action for Children. Find out about our progress in our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Modern slavery statement

Action for Children has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. That includes forced or trafficked labour of adults and children.

We’re committed to:

  • Acting ethically in everything we do.
  • Keeping our business and supply chains free of modern slavery.
  • Being transparent, both in our business and our approach to modern slavery.

We expect these same high standards from anyone we work with.

Talk to us if you need more information about how we’re combating modern slavery.

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Supporting staff and others

We have a range of professional networks to promote and safeguard equality.

These include Inspire, for colleagues with experience of a disability or illness. There are groups for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority colleagues, Christian staff, and green issues. There are lots of others – staff can join any that represent their concerns and interests.

We also develop resources to support staff, volunteers and other organisations. This includes booklets such as our Gender Identity Guide.

Gender Identity Guide

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