Last year we helped 604,885 children, young people and families. But we need donors like you to help us do more

Action for Children works hard to make sure every child can have a safe and happy childhood. We protect and support children and young people, and give them the tools to thrive.

We strive to ensure children have the best start in life. We give them the support they need to develop healthy and happy minds.

We work with vulnerable children who are on the edge of crisis – meeting their immediate and basic needs. We think big, but work locally: our services support families in every nation of the UK. But we can’t do this alone.

I am thrilled that the money we have been able to donate has made a difference to young lives.

Jacky, one of our most generous long-term supporters

Why invest in social change?

We’re here for as many children as possible, but more and more families are struggling. Government funding only goes so far. There are often limits on how we can spend this money, and we can’t always rely on it long term.

Philanthropy is more important than ever. We work with individuals, trusts and foundations able to fund ground-breaking, life changing programmes. The generosity of our supporters helps us respond to the urgent challenges that families face, now and in the future.

What we offer you

A dedicated account manager will work with you to tailor your support to an area of need that fits your interests. There are many ways to get involved and feel part of these projects:

  • Visits to introduce you to front-line staff, who will bring to life the stories of the children and young people we support.
  • Personalised impact reports so you can see the difference you’re making.
  • Breaking news about our policy and campaigning successes.
  • Recognition for your giving in our communications and on the website (if this is something you’d like).
  • A range of events to meet like-minded people and hear from inspirational speakers.
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Philanthropy in action

Together with our supporters, we develop meaningful, practical programmes that stop problems getting worse. We tackle unmet needs, and we test new approaches.

Here are some examples of our current priority areas of work. They’re funded almost entirely by our generous partners.

Family Partners

Neglect is one of the most common forms of child abuse in the UK. Yet our research shows it often isn’t intentional. Our 22-week intensive support programme tackles this. Family Partners reduces neglect by helping parents to overcome difficulties.

We act early to encourage families to turn things around. And it works: 81% of parents say the programme gives them more confidence in their parenting skills.

The Blues Programme

Blues is a school-based programme aimed at 13 to 19-year-olds affected by depression and anxiety. Over six weeks, they get talking about emotions and learn self-care techniques. There’s also space to reflect on ways to keep these going after the programme.

We've reached 5,000 young people so far as part of this internationally acclaimed programme. Of those, 76% said Blues improved their mental wellbeing.

I’ve definitely learnt to deal with things a lot better. I think I’d be in a much worse place now. I wouldn’t be very confident, and my grades would have gone down – and that would have been a big problem in the future as well.

Rowan, a participant on The Blues Programme
Young girl resting on tree trunk and smiling

Emergency Fund

More than four million children in the UK live in poverty. In the average UK classroom, as many as nine children may be living in hardship at home. And the situation is getting worse.

Our Emergency Fund lets us act quickly to stop a setback becoming a crisis. We help children, young people and families get essentials like food, baby equipment, school uniforms and toys.

Action for Children’s Emergency Fund meant I was able to have food in the fridge. I could go down to the shop and top up my electricity. And had I not gotten that support, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

Cora, a recipient of an Emergency Fund grant

Case study: Jacky's story

For Jacky, one of our most generous long-term supporters, philanthropy has been a family affair. Inspired by her father, who supported Action for Children, Jacky has carried on his legacy by supporting our work through his trust.

Her father experienced poverty in his own childhood, so understood the importance of helping families through difficult times. Jacky shared this view, having worked in teaching, youth and community work.

"I am delighted to have seen, first hand, some of the projects and work that our investment has helped to fund" says Jacky. "The staff at Action for Children have been very helpful and good at maintaining communication. I have always been exceptionally impressed with their commitment and passion."

Can you help us change lives?

Let's start the conversation. Contact Holly Hastings-Payne, Head of Philanthropy and Events, on [email protected] or 07872 675375