Most lifelong mental health issues begin in childhood. But talking about wellbeing early on can help us all cope better with life's challenges

We should all be talking more about how we’re feeling - not waiting until there’s a serious problem.

Most public funding focuses on dealing with crisis. But early intervention gives more families the confidence to care for their wellbeing and get help when they need it.

Our work helps equip young people and their parents with skills to cope with life. One in 10 children in the UK experience mental health problems. Of those we work with, 74% show an improvement in their mental health.

The Blues Programme

The Blues Programme gets young people talking about mental wellbeing. Funded by Royal Mail, it’s aimed at those who have or are at risk of developing mental health issues.

Over six weeks, students aged 13-19 get comfortable talking about mental health. They learn how to manage and improve low mood, and anxious thoughts and feelings.

I used to overthink things. Then my anxiety would take over. Now I know to remind myself it's OK to feel that emotion and how to move past it

Harvey Sparrow, young person on the Blues Programme

We’ve reached 5,500 young people so far. Of those, 76% report improved mental wellbeing. Almost all (98%) would recommend the programme to a friend.

Parent Talk

Parent Talk is our online hub for down-to-earth parenting advice. Mental and emotional wellbeing is a key part of the support we offer. Parents can browse our advice articles, all created or curated by our parenting coaches. Or they can speak directly to a coach through our one-to-one live chat.

We've supported 450,000 parents online since the service began in 2018. This includes online advice and more than 11,500 one-to-one conversations. 90% of parents rate the service four or five out of five.

We offer a regional live chat service

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Can't Talk, Write

Writing things down has a positive effect on wellbeing. It helps children and young people express what they’re feeling. It allows them to make sense of what’s happening in their lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Royal Mail and The Prince’s Trust to create toolkits to help young people get writing.

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