Neglect is one of the most common forms of child abuse – it affects one in 10 children in the UK. We’re giving parents the power to change this

Children need food, clothing, and shelter. They need to be protected from danger. It’s up to adults to make sure children and young people have these basics, yet so many go without. That’s neglect.

My support practitioner from Action for Children was a godsend. Without her, my kids would be in care and I wouldn’t be here. She really did save my life. The children aren’t walking on eggshells or living in fear. They’re a lot happier and more confident.


Neglect robs children of their childhood and makes them feel invisible. In the worst cases, children die. Yet parents don’t always spot the problems. And too often, families are ignored until they hit crisis.

The Family Partners programme is our groundbreaking solution. It gets help to parents early, and gives them life-changing skills and support.

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The Family Partners Programme

Family Partners is an intensive support service delivered in the home over 22 weeks. It helps families prevent and reverse child neglect. It does this by teaching positive change. We work with parents to overcome their difficulties.

81% of parents say they feel more confident after completing the programme. Children’s behaviour improves, too.

A lot of parents don’t recognise that they’re neglecting their children. Often, they’re replicating what they saw when they were growing up and they don’t realise there are better ways they could be parenting.

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Neglect often isn’t intentional. It can be a consequence of other issues, such as mental health problems, domestic abuse or money and housing worries. We help to tackle these underlying problems as well.

Our support practitioners are key to the programme’s success. They also signpost to universal and community services to help sustain long-term change.

Dartington Social Research Unit evaluated our programme. It found that after six months, 100% of families keep the positive skills and life choices they learn. But the biggest success is the impact on young people’s lives. It makes home a healthier, happier and safer place. It gives children their childhoods back.

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