Our work around the UK

Our services bring support for families to every part of the UK

In 2022/2023, we helped 765,905 children, young people and families. We respond to local needs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our work in England

From Northumberland to Land’s End, we’re making things fairer for children and families in England. Last year we helped 172,523 children, young people and their families across England.

Our work in Northern Ireland

We deliver a range of services in communities across Northern Ireland and reached 11,046 children, young people and their families last year alone.

Young toddler leaning against cot with snuggly blanket

Our work in Scotland

With more than 139 services across Scotland, we’re at the heart of local communities. Last year we helped 36,481 of Scotland’s most disadvantaged children.

Our work in Wales

We have been working in Wales since 1911. Last year, we helped more than 46,534 children and young people.