From Northumberland to Land’s End, we’re making things fairer for children and families in England

Last year we helped 195,484 children, young people and their families across England. We lead the way in innovative care, education and intervention.

Our work in England is wide reaching. We take action in lots of ways, from running short breaks for disabled children to influencing government policy and advocating for young people. We work with local authorities, and partner with the NHS and other agencies.

80% of children and young people we help across England do better after accessing our services.

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Children's centres and nurseries

Spring Nurseries promotes healthy first steps. We support children through key milestones in speech, language and physical coordination.

We run 55 children’s centres and 46 nurseries across England. Our staff give children the best start in life through play, learning and personal development. We offer classes and tailored individual support for parents, too.

Our services make sure young people and families get help early. We step in to stop problems from building up, and help to overcome obstacles.

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Fostering and children’s homes

We find safe and stable homes for vulnerable children across England. We offer foster carers high levels of training and support. And we make sure children in care get the support they need.

We are experts at matching children with the right foster family, meaning our breakdown rates are very low. Our families follow a therapeutic approach, giving young people a nurturing environment to grow in.

We offer family style homes in North England to young people who have faced trauma early in life. Our skilled staff give them practical and emotional support, so they can build resilience and form lasting relationships.

We also run children’s homes across England for children and young people with disabilities.

Policy wins

We speak up for children and young people. We do this by influencing MPs and the government to prioritise their needs.

After four years of campaigning, sustained emotional abuse is now a crime in England and Wales. And we’re proud that our work means children are now recognised as victims of domestic abuse in their own right. This is huge. It means more young people will get the support they need, earlier.

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