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Join our growing supporter community to share your opinions and help us to improve what we do

Your views matter to us. That’s why we’ve created The Influence Panel, an opportunity for you to take part online to share your ideas.

The Influence Panel is your chance to make suggestions, give feedback and shape our work from the comfort of your own home. We’ll be in touch with surveys and opportunities to have your say to influence our decision-making process.

You’ll even receive updates from us about survey results and how you’re making an impact on our work.

Why join?

  • The Influence Panel is a great way for you to get close to the action and have a impact on our work.
  • You’ll get exclusive first-looks at our latest ideas and have a say on whether they become a reality.
  • You can get involved as much or as little as you like, it is totally up to you. If at any point you don’t have time to do a survey, that’s not a problem, you can always skip that one.
  • Have the chance to join focus groups and take part in research projects.
  • We will give annual updates on the difference that you will be making by completing the surveys and taking part.
Make your voice heard

You can help shape Action for Children's work by joining the Influence Panel

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How has the Influence Panel made a difference so far?

We have been listening to the views of our supporters and putting them into action through the Influence Panel since 2019.

In that time, our Panel’s feedback has helped shape some of our biggest events and campaigns - such as the emergency fund for children affected by the pandemic and our hugely successful fundraising event, Boycott your Bed.