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Give up your bed for one night and help raise vital funds for vulnerable children
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On Friday 7 October, get your colleagues together. Create a dream team. And take on the challenge of sleeping out.

Wherever you are in the country, you’ll raise vital funds to support children in need of help across the UK.

How it works

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What is Boycott your Bed?

For the last 25 years, Action for Children has challenged people to give up their bed for a night, raising an incredible £13 million along the way. This simple act has had a huge impact on children, young people and their families across the UK.

Now, after a two-year absence, the live sleep out is back.

Boycott your Bed is an opportunity for corporate teams to come together – with both colleagues and peers – and fundraise in the lead up to the national event on 7 October. On the night you'll be involved in a unique experience of bonding with your team, and spend an unforgettable night sleeping out under the stars.

So, whether you’re in London, Leeds, Cardiff or Belfast, or you’re ready to brave an autumnal night in Glasgow, it’s time to take on the challenge of sleeping out and help make children’s dreams of a safe and happy childhood come true.

The difference you'll make

Right now, there are 3.9 million UK children in poverty. And with the cost of living crisis spiralling out of control, they're even more vulnerable. Home isn’t the loving place it’s supposed to be. Tonight, children all over the UK will go to sleep hungry. Some of these children don’t even have a warm bed to climb into.

But you can help change this. Here's a few ways how:


could pay for gas and electricity for a family for a week


could provide a child with a bed


could fund the entire Parent Talk service for one day

Together, we can make sure children have the basics – like warm clothes, hot meals and a proper bed. We can offer the right mental health support, so children thrive. And provide protection and recovery to child victims of abuse and neglect.

We can help children in poverty now – but we can’t do it without you.

Find the event in your region


Boycott your Bed: England North

Oct 07th - Oct 08th , 6PM - 7AM
Group of people at Byte Night event. They are outside, Smiling and laughing and are surrounded by sleeping bags and umbrellas

Boycott your Bed: England South

Oct 07th - Oct 08th , 6PM - 7AM
Boycott your Bed Northern Ireland Launch 2022

Boycott your Bed: Northern Ireland

Oct 07th - Oct 08th , 6PM - 7AM

Boycott your Bed: Scotland

Oct 07th - Oct 08th , 6PM - 7AM
atradius staff Byte Night Wales 2017

Boycott your Bed: Wales

Oct 07th - Oct 08th , 6PM - 7AM
4 friends smiling and laughing looking at a tv out of frame

Boycott Your Bed: Stay Up

Oct 07th - Oct 08th , 7PM - 7AM

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