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We speak up for children and make sure their voices are heard

We amplify the voices of children and young people, and work to bring lasting change to their lives. We do this by carrying out research, working with politicians, and designing public campaigns.

Cuts to key services are leaving vulnerable families and children without support, building on a decade of funding cuts and under-investment. We’re calling on the government to act.

There isn’t enough support out there for young people. There’s been I don’t know how many suicides in the local area. It’s a clear sign that something definitely does need to be done.

Cathal, 15, Northern Ireland
Worried looking girl

Our research

We're producing research and pressing for change in three areas:

The best start in life: We're calling on government to invest in children’s services, tackle poverty, and improve support for children aged 0 to five.

Good mental health: Children and young people are at greater risk of mental health issues, yet many can’t get the help they need.

A safe and loving home: We’re calling for all children affected by domestic abuse to get the support they need, no matter where they live. We want more support for children in care too. We also want to make sure children and families can get help before they reach crisis point.

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Public campaigning and petitions

We also join forces with our supporters to drive change. Our petitions have helped change laws around the UK to improve the lives of children and young people. Visit our campaigns section to see why our campaigns matter, read about our successes, or add your name.

Our research found that during the coronavirus pandemic, 31% of families were lacking access to resources to educate their children at home.

Anonymised data from the grant applications to our Emergency Fund

We also write regular blogs on the latest news in government policy and the impacts on children and young people. Visit our blogs section to see the latest.

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