Our impact

Every child should grow up safe and happy. We offer support to help them thrive – and step in to help when times get tough

We work to improve the lives of children, young people and families in the UK. We do this by building solid foundations and spotting problems early.

This means parenting classes, nurseries and children’s centres. It’s providing breaks for young carers, and extra help for disabled children. It’s supporting young people at risk of homelessness.

We bring mental health workshops to schools. We’re there for parents who need advice. We find foster homes for children in need of a loving family. And we campaign for lasting change.

We're a vital lifeline for children and families.

The difference you help us make

We’ve been helping children for more than 150 years. Today, we have 512 services across the UK, in local communities, in schools and online. In 2020/2021, we helped 604,885 children, young people and families. This was only possible with your support.

During 2020, donations enabled us to provide essential support to families throughout the coronavirus pandemic:

  • We kept nearly 99% of our local services open.
  • We helped nearly 12,000 children, young people and families through frontline services.
  • We supported 361,043 parents in 2020/2021 via our online service Parent Talk, including 10,640 one-to-one conversations.

Our impact in numbers

We measure our impact every year. Here are some of the ways we're changing lives of children, young people and families.

A total of 6,763 young people have benefitted since The Blues Programme began three years ago. 74% of young people had improved mental health once they completed the programme.

Our dedicated foster carers make sure more than 370 children and young people have a safe and loving home every year.

This includes programmes to help parents bond with their children, support on health and nutrition, and help for those who have suffered domestic abuse.