Our work in Northern Ireland

We support vulnerable children and young people across Northern Ireland

Our success lies in stepping in early. We make help available so young people don’t have to reach crisis point. We deliver a range of services in communities across Northern Ireland and reached 15,589 children, young people and their families last year alone.

Essential to our work with children, young people and families is collaboration within the statutory and non-statutory sectors. Our close partnerships link families and strengthen communities.

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Tackling homelessness

Young people can become homeless, or at risk of homelessness, for lots of reasons. Some end up on the streets, others sleep on friends’ sofas and floors.

Homelessness among young people is on the rise. We deliver where help is needed. In Omagh and Enniskillen, our Floating Support Service helps young adults aged 16-24 find a home and develop key life skills to help them manage a tenancy, learn to cook and budget.

Our 13-bed Supported Accommodation Service in Enniskillen provides assistance to vulnerable young people in this key life transition stage, with experienced staff providing a high level of support around the clock.

Our services answer urgent need. They also help young people gain practical and emotional skills so they can thrive in later life.

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Support for families

Our family support services are there for families when they need a bit of extra help.

There’s practical support, like helping parents handle bedtimes and homework. We also give emotional support to families dealing with challenging behaviour, mental health issues or hardship.

Our Choices Family Support service offers a whole family approach to better mental health. And our Blues mental health programme increases the resilience of young people aged 13-19. So far, we’ve offered it in 41 schools across Northern Ireland.

We run Sure Start services for children under five, as well as family centres and parenting programmes. We coordinate local services across Northern Ireland through our family support hubs. Working with other agencies ensures help is available when and where families need it.

We also support young carers. Many children and young people in Northern Ireland look after a family member. We give them opportunities for break, as well as emotional support.

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Young people who enter foster care have often had difficult childhoods. They may have experienced upsetting or unsafe situations. Some will carry the effects, including challenging behaviour and emotional trauma.

Our fostering service finds them safe and loving homes. We train and support carers to give children and young people the attention they need to thrive.

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