Northern Ireland Regional Young Carers supports carers aged 8-18

We raise awareness, identify and provide direct support to children and young people who look after or help to look after someone in their family who is unwell or disabled, including children caring for parents who have mental health or substance misuse problems.

The direct support we provide includes:

  • Young carers needs assessment;
  • Personal support, advice and guidance;
  • Individual and group support;
  • Trips and activities during school holidays;
  • Help to access specialist services;
  • Help to access universal services such as leisure and youth services.

Action for Children support young carers living in Belfast, South Eastern and Southern Trust areas. 

Young carers, their families or professionals can contact the Service Coordinator, Aisling Reynolds on 028 9046 0500, email [email protected] or via the Facebook page - NI Youngcarers.

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