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Children and young people need fostering for many different reasons.

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Many of the children and young people in our care have experienced trauma in their childhood. This could be due to abuse, neglect or exploitation. They need a lot of love and support.

Action for Children foster carers are supported and trained in therapeutic parenting to give our foster carers the right skills to support young people's needs. Our training will help ‘connection before correction’ techniques to enable our foster carers to connect and understand the young person they’re caring for.

Our aim is always to find the best solution, in any given situation, that will help support the young person to achieve their potential.

We understand that trusting adults may be hard for a child or young person. We’ll work with our foster carers to help them build a relationship with their young person.

It’s hugely rewarding for the whole team when a young person feels that they can trust their foster carers, and the wider team of professionals around them, to always put their best interests first.

My life constantly has great stuff going on thanks to my amazing foster Mum and Dad. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me

Action for Children foster child

While their age can vary, most of our foster children are aged six and over. We often need to find homes for teenagers and older children.

Fostering siblings

Two smiling sisters in garden

Many of the children and young people who need a foster home have brothers or sisters. We also look for foster carers with more than one spare room to help keep siblings together. This is really important to give children and young people a sense of stability.

Many siblings end up going into different homes. It’s our priority to keep siblings together where we can. Do you think you could foster siblings?

Fostering children with disabilities

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Children and young people with a disability, special educational needs or complex emotional needs will be matched by us with foster carers who have the skills and training to manage these challenges.

These children and young people need a caring, loving, stable home and we aim to provide it for them. Action for Children Fostering will give our foster carers all the specific training and support they need to help improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in society.

Fostering a child or young person with a disability takes an extra level of skill and commitment but can be very rewarding. We will give you all the specific training and support you will need.

Being a cared for child

Trey and Chris's story:

Foster children will often struggle with their emotions.

All foster carers at Action for Children Fostering are highly trained and supported to be able to understand, listen and help their young person through difficult times.

Chris and Freya's story:

It can be daunting for a cared for child to be placed in an unfamiliar house with unfamiliar people. They may feel ‘different’ to others around them and not want to mix in social situations. We want all foster children to know that whatever they are facing, it is not their fault. Every child deserves a safe and loving home.