What is fostering?

Foster carers give a safe and loving home to children who can’t live with their families

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Here are the types of fostering we offer across the UK:

Long-term fostering

We’re looking for foster carers who can give children a long-term home until they’re ready to live on their own. Some young people stay with their foster family into adulthood, whether they study or work. This is what we call “staying put”.

Short-term fostering

We’re also looking for people to care for children who need somewhere to live temporarily. Some of our foster carers specialise in looking after children for a short amount of time.


Wherever possible, a local authority will try to keep brothers and sisters together. If you have more than one spare room, you might be able to foster more than one child.

Parent and child

In some parts of the UK, we need foster carers to look after parents who have their own children. This type of fostering usually lasts around three months. You’ll work with professionals to help these mums or dads with their parenting skills.

Short breaks

In some parts of the UK, we look for short break carers. This allows a foster carer to look after a child or young people for a few days, usually on a regular basis. It allows a family or a full-time foster care to rest and have a break.

Children with disabilities

We’re also looking for short break foster carers who have the skills and experience to support children who need extra help. You’ll get specialist training and supervision based on the child’s needs.

Unaccompanied children and young people seeking asylum

Children and young people who have come to the UK seeking asylum may need a home. This can be while their residency status or application gets decided or after they’ve been approved.

Therapeutic-led fostering

We help foster carers give children and young people a sensitive, warm and nurturing experience. Through our training on trauma and attachment, we give them the tools to teach children how to enjoy play and build trust.

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