Happy times

Find out how fostering has changed people's lives for the better.

Here are just a few of the many "happy times" stories and quotes that Action for Children Fostering is proud to have been involved with. Could your story be next?

Tanya's story

Once her children had grown up, Tanya decided to become a foster carer. Since 2018, she and her husband Tony have been foster carers for Action for Children and have already welcomed four children into their home. Here, Tanya explains how fostering has changed her life.

The joy and happiness you get from improving and being part of children's wellbeing; it's the best decision we ever made.

Foster Carer

Darren's story

Darren is a single foster carer and over 50. He tells us why he became a carer and why more men should consider fostering.

It's not the special skills or the university degree that makes me a good carer. It's being human and someone who has compassion. And who can open their home and heart. That's what makes a good foster carer.

Foster Carer

Rhonda's story

Animal lovers, Rhonda and Russell, share the benefits of pets for foster children. Rhonda and Russell have fostered with Action for Children for four years. After raising their own children who remain close and supportive, the couple wanted their family to grow.

We knew we had the skills and a good home to offer a child. We wanted to be able to provide a nurturing, stable, and caring home for a child who needed it most. Fostering was the natural choice for us. It was more a question of why wouldn't we than why would we.

Foster Carer

Megan's story

Megan's Story

“My foster carers always showed me that I deserve love”

Meg didn't believe that she'd ever find her forever home until she met Sue and Derrick. Learn about her incredible journey through care to independence.

From the beginning, fostering with Action for Children felt like a family and we were part of something special.

Foster Carer

Galina's story

Galina's Story

"It's all you can do, give them all of your heart"

Fostering is something that Galina and Vilnis had wanted to do since they moved to England. Galina waited two years to improve her English before approaching Action for Children about fostering.

When my children had grown up, I felt I'd given them the best of everything. There are so many children out there who need that support and upbringing. So I decided I wanted to support those children directly by fostering.

Foster Carer

Gina and Terry's story

Gina & Terry's Story

“When you foster siblings, you're keeping children together"

Terry and Gina are one of only a few fostering families who have the space to keep siblings together. They talked to us about the highlights and challenges they’ve faced fostering siblings.

The training was excellent and really helped. After we got approved, we attended a support group once a month - it was invaluable. The best thing is that the social worker is always at the other end of the phone. Action for Children themselves are like a big family; we know all of them and they know all of us.

Foster Carer

Zena's story

Zena's Story

“The last time one of my young people came home from university, I saw so much empathy and wisdom in him. He’s like a little wise man and I’m thinking, WOW.”

Zena is a single mum. She raised her own children and fostered siblings. Then, 14 years later, she contacted Action for Children Fostering. Zena felt she had room for more.

When that young person comes into your home and you see the change in them and how they flourish, how well they fit into your family and how they turn their life around, and how you help them do that - there's nothing more rewarding.

Foster Carer

John and Geraldine's story

John & Geraldine's Story

“Fostering filled a gap we didn't even realise we had”

John and Geraldine never had children of their own. When John could no longer work, they chose to foster. Eight years later, they now look after three boys.

Foster Families

From the strength of foster carers, to the progress made by young people, our foster families share their favourite moments.