All the money generated from this appeal will help children and families

Coronavirus has thrown all our lives, our communities and the UK into an unprecedented crisis

Families who were already struggling to feed their children before the coronavirus hit, now find themselves unable to afford food and basic essentials. 

So many vulnerable families have lost their incomes and have reached breaking point. They are really frightened and need urgent help.

Action for Children has thousands of key workers across the UK working on the frontline helping the most vulnerable children and families.  We support them in many ways, for example, with online food ordering, providing supermarket vouchers and paying top-ups on fuel cards.  

Donate now and help our most vulnerable families pay for the essentials in this difficult time.

The Coronavirus Children’s Appeal will help us provide essentials to the most vulnerable families across the UK.  In the unlikely event that we raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any surplus funds will be used to help us prepare and respond to other crises our vulnerable families may face.

Gift Aid claimed by Action for Children in relation to your donation towards this Emergency Appeal will be directed to those who are in the greatest need of funding.

More about our work

We protect and support children and young people. We do this by providing practical and emotional care and support. We make sure their voices are heard. And we campaign to bring lasting improvements to their lives.

Today, we run 503 services in local communities across the UK, in schools and online.

In our nurseries and children's centres, staff make sure children get the best start in life. Our foster, adoptive and modern residential services find children and young people safe and loving homes.

We step in to protect children from neglect and abuse and help those who care for others or are at risk of homelessness. Innovative projects like The Blues Programme give young people the help they need to look after their mental health.

We're also here for parents, through projects like Parent Talk, our online support service.

We’ve been helping children for more than 150 years. In 2019/20, we helped 368,648 children, young people and families. This was only possible with your support.

- Since 1861 we’ve helped almost 2 million children and young people.

- We’ve helped more than 12,000 children and families during the coronavirus pandemic. We've kept 99% of our local services open.

- 25,113: the number of people we reached with mental health support in 2019/20.

- 86,000: the number of children and families supported by our children’s centres in 2019/20.

Income from this emergency appeal will be restricted. This means that 100% of the money raised will help children, young people and their families. If we raise more money than we can spend, we’ll use the surplus funds to help us respond to other crises. The Gift Aid will go to those who are in the greatest need of support.

Donating a small amount every month by direct debit helps us give vulnerable children the stability they need. Our regular supporters help us carry out long-term work and keep vital projects running.

Other ways to donate