The London Advocacy Service is an independent advocacy service for young people who are in contact with Children's Social Services

We work with Barnet, City of London and Islington Local Authorities. We also accept referrals from other local authorities on a spot-purchase arrangement.

If you are a young person in contact with Children's Social Services, we can provide you with an advocate.

An advocate is someone who understands the law, knows how social services work and knows about your rights.

Your advocate can speak up for you. It is their job to make sure that you are listened to and taken seriously in decisions being made about you and your life.

An advocate:

  • can tell you about your rights
  • can attend meetings with you
  • can talk to social services on your behalf
  • can help you write a complaint
  • will make sure that you are heard

Contact us if you:

  • are unhappy about decisions made about your life
  • are unhappy with the services you are getting from your social worker, PA carer, or the place where you are living
  • don't feel like you are being listened to by social services
  • want to make a complaint about social services
  • want to know your rights

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The London Advocacy Service helped me a lot. They took time to listen, called me a lot to make sure I was fine and made sure that I was receiving the most of other services

Care leaver, aged 18