National Children's Hour

Unplug and play!

Our campaign National Children’s Hour is encouraging families across the UK to unplug and play. We are asking you to put down the gadgets and have some good old-fashioned fun!

Screen time is great, but we’re finding that too much of a good thing starts to create development problems right from the very beginning. If your child can swipe a phone but not communicate, it’s worrying.

The early years are a crucial time for emotional and verbal development. Take this on a step, and a child’s life chances are often set by the time they start school.

With children currently spending between five and six hours each day looking at a screen, can you reclaim just one hour to have fun and help them develop the skills they need to succeed?

We have some great ideas from our children's services across the UK for you to do, they are lots of fun and don't tell the little ones, but they are help with their development and getting them ready for school too. 


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