Our impact

Find out how in 2015, we made life better
for 300,000 people: children, young people,
their parents and carers.

Our Impact Report explains how we help and how we measure our positive impact on people’s lives.

We are Action for Children

We’re here because every child should be safe. Because every child should have opportunities. Because every child should have a childhood.

Across the UK, hundreds of thousands of children aren’t getting the care or opportunities they need. Families are struggling, and children are neglected, ill treated and abused. Young people face isolation and often violence as they grow up. This is not acceptable.

We take action to improve the lives of these vulnerable children. We intervene early to help to fix problems before children are overwhelmed and we intervene when there are more serious concerns to make children safer and help them to thrive.

We’ve been helping children and young people for 145 years. From our earliest days, we’ve moved with the times to adapt, to make children safer. 

We evolve. Today we support parents and parents-to-be, babies and pre-school children. We help young carers, disabled children and their families. We support young people through the most difficult times – in their families, in care and as they become independent adults.

We run 650 services in local communities across the UK.

Our 2015 Impact Report showcases the benefits of delivering early action services that work. It highlights the results we consistently deliver meeting the needs of children, and our efforts to introduce new solutions that adapt to changing need.

The current challenge for local authorities remains their ability to implement longer-term preventative measures when faced with severe budget cuts, forcing the focus onto highly targeted, reactive delivery. Our challenge is to make the case for change by highlighting the positive impact of informed, evidence-based early action services.

Our impact this year

Data from all our services across the UK shows that:

  • 87% of children improved their emotional wellbeing.
  • 97% of young people remained in education, employment or training after 16 years of age.
  • 97% of children with complex health needs sustained maximum independence.
  • 93% of carers believe we have made their job as a foster carer easier.
  • 96% of our volunteers said they would recommend volunteering with us.
  • 82% of parents and carers using our early years services say that their children were well prepared for school.
Research across all our services showed a “96% reduced risk of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.”

Our previous Impact Reports

Find out more about the impact we've had over the years.

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