Our work in

For 60 years, we've been making
a difference in Scotland.

This year, we celebrate 60 years of supporting vulnerable young people and families in Scotland. That's 60 years of making a difference to those who need it most.

In Scotland we:

  • Help 8,000 of the country's most vulnerable children
  • Run 84 services
  • Work in partnership with local authorities and other agencies
  • Give young people the change to fulfill their potential, and to make the most of their lives

We provide services to support:

  • Looked after and accommodated children and young people
  • Young carers
  • Families at risk
  • Children affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse
  • Young people with disabilities
  • Young people who offend or at risk of offending 

We are responsible for groundbreaking projects

These include Dundee Families, which has influenced family support services across the UK.

We have rolled out employability programmes


They have been have been successful in helping difficult to reach young people access training and employment opportunities.

There are currently 500 young people involved in the programme, with 600 expected to take part next year.

We pioneered the Roots of Empathy programme

Roots of Empathy is an effective and proven intervention programme for reducing bullying and aggression within schools

We believe this programme enhances protective factors, promotes greater levels of emotional and social wellbeing in children, and reduces the risk of aggression and violence before it takes root in families and in communities.

This pioneering programme is currently being delivered by Action for Children Scotland in 98 primary schools in 16 local authorities.

We campaign to improve policy and legislative developments

Our work covers a wide range of policy and legislative areas including:

  • Child protection
  • Children's rights and citizenship
  • Youth employment
  • Child poverty
  • Youth justice
  • Disability
  • Health and well being
  • Housing support and homelessness
  • Looked after children and residential care

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