Charlotte Church surprise vocal coach for Young Carers Aloud choir

Wednesday 29 November 2023
Charlotte Church smiling with young carer who is also smiling

This year, singer-songwriter Charlotte Church has joined Action for Children as a new vocal coach for the Young Carers Aloud choir. Together, they'll be giving the "performance of their lives" at our Starry Night Gala.

Charlotte Church has acted as the vocal coach for Action for Children’s Young Carers Aloud choir, mentoring children and young people in Wales for the Starry Night Gala.

Young Carers Aloud is made up of 12 young carers who have been supported by Action for Children.

Charlotte Church said: “Each member of the Action for Children young carers’ choir is an inspiration in their own right and we’ve been on a very special journey together to prepare for the Starry Night Gala performance.”

I can’t wait to see the choir give the performance of their lives on such a magical night.

Charlotte Church rehearsing young carers aloud choir

Young Carers Aloud choir rehearsing with Charlotte Church

She added: “Since I was a child, I found a deep connection in music. It’s an important way for people to connect with themselves and each other which is so important for this talented group who often have the weight of adult responsibility on their shoulders. It’s been a privilege to work with them and learn more about the challenges they face."

In case you missed it, you can watch Charlotte Church and Young Carers Aloud on ITVX.

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