Mother’s Day charity gift ideas 2024: our top picks

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Elijah Cruz - Digital Communications Officer
Tuesday 05 March 2024
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Looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift? Choose a charity gift that gives back and supports a vulnerable child.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 10 March. It’s a great chance to celebrate what your mother means to you and thank them with a meaningful gift that helps a vulnerable child in the UK.

With soaring energy bills and rising prices, parents are being pushed to their limits. Your donation can help make sure children and families are supported and have the basics. Supporting them is more important than ever.

Mother's Day gifts

Choose a charity gift and you could help change a child's life, like Miracle, who has spent most of her life in and out of care and has struggled with her mental health.

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Gift 1: A trip to go bowling with their friends

No child should miss out on enriching activities and experiences. This gift could make a huge difference to a child's emotional wellbeing.

Donate £10

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Gift 2: A meal out at a local restaurant

Every child should have the same opportunities as other children. This gift could allow a child to eat out with their family or friends.

Donate £15/month

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Gift 3: Bedding and soft furnishing

For a young person moving into care, allowing them to have their own bedding and other soft furnishings will help make their room feel like their own.

Donate £25

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Gift 4: Outdoor play equipment

Being able to experience the outdoors is crucial for any child's development. This gift could pay for outdoor play equipment at one of our residential children's homes.

Donate £50

Give a gift in memory

We understand that Mother's Day can be a sensitive and difficult time for many. It can be painful for those grieving the death or absence of their mother or mother figure. Children can have their own way of expressing grief and sometimes they don’t express it at all.

Our support workers and foster families offer empathy, understanding, and support all year round - especially at this time.

Need some support?

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