Face-to-face fundraising

We want to help more children and young people than ever before, and that is why you might have seen us at your door.

In order to reach out and help the UK's most vulnerable and neglected children we need to get people like you to support us. We're hugely grateful to those who decide to support us with a regular monthly gift, and without this the work we do would not be possible. This ongoing financial support provides the vital long-term funding our projects, throughout the UK, desperately rely on.


What our plans are

We carry out various fundraising activities throughout the year, face to face (the people you may have seen at your door or in your local shopping centre) is just one of them.

These fundraisers will be raising money for Action for Children by knocking on people's doors or they may be at a local shopping centre, garden centre, etc. They want people like you to support us with a regular gift, via Direct Debit.

What is face-to-face fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising is an effective and great way to inform people of the work we do and helps raise our profile as a charity. Our fundraising activities are stringently regulated by the Institute of Fundraising Compliance Directorate as well as the new Fundraising Regulator.


Why do we do this type of fundraising?

This method of fundraising is cost effective and helps us work with children from before they are born until they are into their twenties. As a charity we believe that having the opportunity to make contact with potential donors face to face is the best way to tailor our conversations to the concerns and interests of individuals.

Our fundraisers speak to members of the public about setting up a regular gift via Direct Debit. Supporters who choose to give on a long term basis like this are extremely valuable to Action for Children as they enable us to plan and budget and continue to provide the lifesaving work we do across the UK.

What will Action for Children's fundraisers ask for?

In order for you to be able to set up a successful donation our fundraisers will ask for some of your details including your sort code and account number. These will then be securely entered into an iPad which uses software to transfer it to our main database in a safe and protected way. If you are unhappy about entering in your details this way then please visit the donate page on our website to enter the details yourself.

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