Our centre is suited to the local community they serve providing the best place to help families flourish

We make sure we include everyone, and encourage parents to participate. We see the best results for children when more individuals pull together, putting their energies, skills and time into a child's development and well-being.

We know every family is different, and we tailor our approach to each one. We take a 'whole family approach', developing a relationship that works for the individual needs of each family member and child, taking care to listen and value everyone's needs.

We help under-fives get ready to start school. Children need social and communication skills to do well when they start school, and early years services are crucial. We provide extra support services such as play sessions, speech therapists, health intervention and parenting programmes.

Clackmannanshire Children and Family Environment Plus

CCAFE PLUS (Clackmannanshire Children and Family Environment Plus), provides an early intervention service bringing parents/carers, children/ young people, partners/agencies together, in order to build trusting relationships, promote positive parenting and raise the attainment of children in the Clackmannanshire area.

The initiative focuses on providing families tailored direct support to promote engagement within the community and raise attainment at school by addressing familial issues, enabling individual families to receive the support they require, either in their own home or through one to one sessions in the family service base. It has been shown that engaging with hard to reach families and building supportive relationships, children and young people are less likely to fail at school, demonstrate anti-social behaviours, experience abuse or neglect and actively participate in their communities. Referrals come from school, health services or from social work. Families can  also self-refer in to this element of our service.

Our Partners

We partner locally with health visitors, midwives and other professionals to ensure we have a huge pool of resources, knowledge and experience to make sure we provide the best places to help families flourish.