Kingfishers is a supported housing project for 18 to 25 year olds with learning disabilities, based in Ebley, Stroud.

We enable young people to develop independence, take responsibility for their lives and to manage the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The ultimate aim of a young person's placement at Kingfishers is for them to develop the skills that will enable them to live in their own homes within their community with minimal support.

Achieving our aims

In 2008 Norah Fry carried out some independent research on Kingfishers, the overall findings on how well we achieve our aims were:

  • Enabling young adults with learning disabilities to reach their potential
    Staff work well with tenants in a person-centred framework including peer support. Young people are supported to gain skills and confidence in themselves and their ability to increase in independence.
  • Supporting young people to overcome factors within society which restrict them
    Kingfishers has a 'can-do' approach that works hard to help young people overcome barriers. They interact well with community organisations, families and other statutory bodies to provide innovative and individualised ways of supporting young people.
  • Enabling tenants to move on from Kingfishers into independence or semi independence
    Young people reported significant gains in their independent living skills in a broad range of areas of their lives. There were concerns about what happened to tenants once they had left Kingfishers, and whether their skills and confidence would increase or diminish.
  • Enabling tenants to take control and responsibility for their lives
    There was clear evidence that tenants were empowered to take responsibility for themselves in lots of different ways. Staff and young people are prepared to take risks, which is respected and valued by family members and other professionals.
  • Meeting the aims set out by supporting people (including the promotion of choice and independent living)
    Tenants have a high degree of choice about their activities and there is ample opportunity for community involvement, social interaction and enhanced friendships and social life.
Kingfishers eligibility criteria
Kingfishers eligibility criteria - independence scores

Our Services

Young people live at Action for Children Kingfishers for an average of 2 years, before moving on to their own tenancies. Our services include:

  • A licence agreement
  • Person-centred planning that focuses on finding out what is important to each young person
  • Support with budgeting and benefits
  • Support with paperwork
  • Advice on staying safe
  • Talking through problems
  • Support with finding work
  • Support with finding accommodation
  • Support with practical skills such as travel, cooking and cleaning

Kingfishers is within walking distance of the local bus route between Stroud and Stonehouse, which both have mainline train stations.

Referrals to Kingfishers can come from a social worker, family member or other professional. We will invite you to look round, complete an entry assessment and find out whether Kingfishers is the right placement for you or your child. For more information on this and what you can expect from a placement at Kingfishers, please contact us.

These comments were taken from our latest 2012 feedback questionnaire:

Fantastic facility which has changed both our son's life and improved our relationship with him as well. The staff are absolutely amazing!


In all the years I have had contact with Kingfishers I have always found them to be very professional and very client-focused


When my son went to Kingfishers, among other conditions he had an anger problem. Being at Kingfishers worked with him and excelled at helping him; they went the extra mile and then some. My son has had his fair share of problems, thanks to Kingfishers they helped to overcome


Kingfishers has given me the confidence to become more independent. I have learnt to cook, do my own laundry and am starting work experience

Current tenant

Kingfishers gave me the support I needed…I can go to Stroud on my own now.  I can go to college, meet up with friends…I do like the help I get, I get a lot more done than I did before

Past tenant