MST is an intensive family and community-based treatment that addresses the many reasons for serious antisocial behaviour

About our service

MST is a strength-focused, home based family model that works mainly with the parents or carers of a young person to support positive change in relation to the antisocial behaviours.

MST is suitable for children between the ages of 11-17 years and live at home or with a custodial parent or main caregiver. Are at risk of entry to care or custody or involved with the court system. Are living with other young offenders, having drug and alcohol problems, school related problems or are displaying aggressive behaviours.

If families and relationships are strengthened, children who were previously on the edge of being placed in care are able to stay at home.

Breaking the cycle of anti-social behaviour by keeping young people safely at home, in school, and out of trouble

Multi-systemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family and community based intervention for children and young people aged 11-17, where young people are at risk of out of home placement in either care or custody due to their offending or having severe behaviour problems.

Our work helps to;

  • Promote good parenting
  • Improve young people’s problem-solving skills
  • Reduce truancy and involvement with negative peers
  • Decrease young people’s substance use
  • Promote involvement of support networks
  • Reduce out-of-home placements and re-arrest rates