Breaking the Cycle is a counselling service for children and young people aged 4-16 in Newcastle upon Tyne, who have been affected by domestic abuse

Our service supports the emotional health and wellbeing of children who have experienced domestic violence, and who are displaying related signs of trauma. It is an opportunity for children to talk through their worries, and explore their emotions and feelings through arts, crafts and play therapy.

As well as the one-to-one counselling sessions, support and guidance will be offered to the non-abusing parent/primary carer so they can support their child’s needs.

Breaking the Cycle aims to give children and young people a voice in relation to their domestic violence experiences and gain emotional awareness, confidence, resilience and coping skills.

Referrals cannot be taken for children who are still exposed to an abusive environment and/or who are currently living with the perpetrator(s) of the domestic violence.