Bolton Children and Young People's Service


Bolton Children and Young People’s Service provides independent advocacy support for children and young people aged 7-18.

We support children and young people who:

  • are looked after by Bolton Local Authority, including those who are placed out of borough
  • are subject to a Child Protection plan
  • have disabilities and who are accessing social service (up to 19 years old).

The service works closely with children to ensure they are aware of their rights, and that their voice is heard in the decision making process. The child / young person is central to everything we do.

We work in ways that are outcome focused, meaningful and that suit children and young people different needs such as age and ability. We use tools that have been developed by the service and young people to achieve outcomes that are right for them.

Children and young people are supported to:

  • Attend their meetings (or have an advocate attend on their behalf)  
  • Provide detailed reports that inform professionals and contribute to protection plans/care plans
  • Understand personal safety
  • Make formal complaints
  • Be young ambassadors for Action for Children.

Young ambassador roles include:

  • Foster care assessments and foster carer training
  • Recruitment and selection (AFC and Partner Agencies/Commissioners)
  • Supporting Action for Children corporate events
  • Fundraising.