Warwickshire Disability (Short Breaks)

Young People from the Shadow Transition Group

The project emphasises the importance of meeting individual care needs, working in partnership with parents, children and young people.

We aim to:

  • Help young people to achieve personal and social development and to experience a range of activities
  • Support families of young people by giving parents a break from caring and making a positive difference to their quality of life

What the service provides:

We work in partnership with Warwickshire Social Services to provide a residential short break service to disabled children and young people between 5 – 18 years of age, who live in South Warwickshire or Rugby.

Four young people stay at the project at any one time. In addition there is provision to accommodate a fifth child on a short-term basis in an emergency situation. 

The project is located in a specially adapted bungalow, in a quiet residential area of Kenilworth. We aim to provide a safe, welcoming and homely environment for young people. The service is delivered by experienced, qualified and well-motivated staff. 

Working in partnership

Each young person is allocated a named key-worker who will maintain regular contact with parents, school and other professionals. 

We use a range of communication methods to assist young people to express their views about the service.

Meeting health needs

  • Staff are trained to ensure they can meet the complex health care needs of young people who stay at the project.
  • Carers are assisted to be physically and emotionally healthy through the provision of short breaks which provide a break from caring
  • Staff work with a range of health professionals to make sure children and young people’s health and well-being is improved or maintained

Keeping children safe

  • Risks to young people are identified and they are kept safe
  • Disabled children are supported to live at home with their family where they are safe and secure
  • Children and young people engage in a range of leisure activities of their choice
  • Staff follow Action for Children safeguarding policies and procedures at all times and child protection concerns are always followed up and reported using Warwickshire Safeguarding procedures

Achievement & skills development

  • Young people are encouraged to participate in positive activities to develop their personal and social skills
  • The service works with all young people to develop skills, including communication, social skills, personal care and life skills
  • Staff work in partnership with parents and teachers to ensure a consistent approach for children and young people.

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