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Staff in our fostering services understand children for who they are and who they could be. Forming positive relationships is at the heart of what we do.

We provide high quality placements for children who have experienced neglect or trauma, we find homes for parents with babies, asylum-seeking children and young people, and we aim to keep siblings together whenever possible.

The project has a significant number of black and ethnic minority carers, and placements are carefully matched to meet children’s individual needs, such as language, tuition and supervised contact.


We're looking for caring people who live within the M25 boundary or the surrounding areas to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable children and young people through the provision of safe, secure and successful foster placements.

Please note Action for Children are not currently recruiting carers in London who wish to foster only children under 8 years old.

Here is a summary of the types of fostering we provide in the London area:


Mainstream foster care

Mainstream foster carers provide a safe and caring home for children aged between 8-17 years old who cannot live with their parents for a variety of reasons including neglect and many other issues. Placements can last for a few days or for many months.


Parent and child

You will be providing much needed support and supervision to young parents and their babies or young children. You will be supporting them in their ability to care for their own child and also providing an assessment of the young person’s parenting capacity.


Asylum-seeking minors

Many children arrive in the UK unaccompanied seeing refuge. Little is known about these young people and often language can be a barrier to understanding their needs.  Carers are desperately needed to help provide a safe home and lots of support.


Sibling groups

You will be helping brothers and sisters to stay together. Children in sibling groups may present the same range of emotional and behavioural issues as those above and need the same kind of secure, nurturing support.

However, carers will need more bedroom space and the added energy to devote to meeting the needs of a number of children at one time!


Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and mixed parentage children

The number of BME and mixed parentage children in the care system is increasing year on year. We need foster carers from all backgrounds to provide positive role models for them as they move into adulthood.


Respite foster care

Respite carers provide much-needed cover during holidays and weekends. This gives full-time carers the chance to recharge their batteries and enables children to have new experiences.

Respite foster care is also an opportunity for people considering fostering to get hands-on experience before committing fully.

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