Action for Children responds to children in need statistics

Thursday 28 October 2021

National charity Action for Children responds to the latest ‘Children in Need’ statistics, which show 388,490 children needed help and protection as a result of risks to their development or health last year.

Imran Hussain, director of policy and campaigns at Action for Children, said: "Today's figures show the high number of children in need across this country but what they reveal is what happens when you cut back on early help services and have a child protection system increasingly geared to crisis rather than prevention.

"It is a scandal that we are waiting for children to suffer harm before we give them the help that is needed. If we act sooner, we can stop one-off cases turning into costly, long-term problems. Just as it would be hugely irresponsible to have an NHS that is comprised of A&E departments only, with no primary care services, we should not have children’s services largely focused on crisis intervention, with little or no early help services preventing problems escalating.

“We have seen a decade of councils struggling to run children’s services. The government must build on the funding they announced in yesterday's budget and provide further guidance to local authorities so they can intervene earlier and reduce the numbers of children classed as being in need or going into care.”


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