Child neglect: the scandal that never breaks

Wednesday 15 April 2015
Sad young child covering face

Our report sets out what needs to be done to help neglected children in England, calling on the Government to develop a joined up strategy to tackle it

For over six years, we have evidenced the size of the problem and what works to help address neglect. We have spoken to over 18,000 children, young people, parents carers and professionals. More than 4,000 of whom are children.

73% of UK children know another child who is suffering from neglect. Urgent action is needed to help children and families get the help they need.

We know what the barriers are to tackling neglect and what needs to be done about it.

The Government has the opportunity to take the lead and produce a child neglect strategy for England.

With a strategic and joined-up approach to intervening as early as possible we can tackle the problem of child neglect.

You can see the full list of our recommendations in our report.

Our research also found that:

  • Since 2011, around a third (32% in 2013) of professionals have felt powerless to intervene when they have concerns about child neglect.
  • 35% of professionals say Government spending cuts have made it more difficult to intervene in cases of child neglect. In particular, 65% of social workers said cuts impeded their ability to intervene in cases.
  • 94% of the public agree people should do something when they are worried about a child but 45% want more information on where to get help.
Full report